Surgical teaching in urology: Live and Semi live Demonstrations

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I had posted this a reply in the section ‘Face Book Video Links’ on 6th April knowing full well that this was not the place to place this write up but There was no other area that it could be placed till today. Hence I am moving it to a new area and I hope it will kindle some discussions as many in our group have different views.

I have been following the procedures by our experts from the links provided on Uroacademy though not live as most of the time, the time such Presentations start is not very convenient for me due to my old age.

I must compliment Nitesh and his colleagues for all the pains you are taking for propagating Urological Education to the next level. Such exercises that you are conducting are better than demonstrations at live workshops that many of us attend. In Live workshops, more often, the demonstrator is in an alien setting and in such an environment, however efficient he might be, is surely a bit or more stressed. By demonstrating a procedure in his own environment and transmitting it is far safer not only for the surgeon demonstrating but also for the patient.

I honestly feel what is being done by these honest Group is far more useful than the Live Workshops being conducted.  I am providing discussions we had on Live Operative Demonstrations that we had in Uroeducation.

For those conducting live workshops, I would suggest they follow the guidelines provided by Prokar Dasgupta in 2010

I am providing few links for your Reading which may be of use for all.

(I have extracted quite a lot in my Write up for Uroeducation from this article)

The article presents the recommendations made by the European Association of Urology Live Surgery Committee and discusses alternatives to LSB.

(The commentary by Jaideep Palap at the end of article is worth a read)

I am sure, in future, this will be the way to go forward wherein not only effective areas are highlighted from Operative Videos but the commentaries of the Demonstrator are worth Listening to.

Those protagonists for Live demonstration will say that in Live Demonstration is shown along with the problems faced by the surgeon, which many feel have educational value. But when problems arises, it enhances the time of the procedure causing harm to the patient who has unwittingly agreed that such demonstration be done on them. 

I am confident there are many for Live Demonstrations but there will be few who may want it but the demonstration be performed at the local set up of the surgeon.

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  • Nitesh Jain
    Nitesh Jain
    09 Apr 2020 10:00:13 AM

    Thank you sir for your kind words ... your words of encouragement means a lot for team #ULTOE ... Anil sir have helped us beyond imagination to grow , he deserve a big applause 👏 

  • Dr. Anil Takvani
    Dr. Anil Takvani
    09 Apr 2020 01:56:54 PM

    Thanks Nitesh. 

    It is our collective resolves under the leadership of our mentors working well in  achieving this new heights...
    Thanks to tireless efforts of you,  Rahul,  Tanuj and many more...
    Will continue.... Thanks  

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