Inguinal Hernia after RP

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There appear to be that Indirect Inguinal Hernia occurs in a good proportion of patients after Prostatectomy. It has been documented that this complication occurs more frequently after 2 or 3 yrs, it can occur earlier as well. There could be many who undergo Prostatectomy who has hernia already existing. It appears that patients who have undergone Open Radical Prostatectomy have a higher incidence of developing hernia than those who have undergone Lap or Robotic RP (the incidence appears same).

The systematic and Metaanalysis provided is the 2nd such study undertaken on this aspect.

It is advised that patients who have a tendency to develop hernia or already have hernia are better repaired intraoperatively.

This additional information could help in counselling of patients. There are many in the area advocating repair intraoperatively but there are some who may believe that this additional procedure is not that essential.

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  • Amrith Raj Rao
    Amrith Raj Rao
    12 Feb 2020 03:36:42 PM

    Dear Prof, 

    Could it be possible that those who have undergone RP would have more examinations of the groin than otherwise and hence more detection of hernia? 

    Usually during RARP, if we do come across a indirect hernia, we reduce the hernia (many a times, in trendlenberg, it reduces itself) and narrow the deep ring. We dont tend to put a mesh at the same time for the fear of "infection". 

    This reminded of another famous study - Sexual Dysfunction after Inguinal Hernia Surgery. ie An association was found when you look for it.

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