Genetic Testing for P Ca – What the Urologists Should Know

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Personalized (Precision) Medicine is assuming Importance for the management of many cancers and Prostate cancer is no exception. For this Genetic Testing is becoming important. In P Ca, this is assuming importance in not only for the treatment of Advanced P Ca (metastatic) but also finding relevance in planning Active Surveillance, even for Very Low Risk P Ca’s.

I am providing an excerpt from the Panel Discussion at AUA Conference 2020. The panellists, comprising of Leonard Gomella as the lead with Todd Morgan and Veda Giri as panellists. They have outlined the importance of what the Urologists should know concerning Genetic Testing and how it can shape the treatment options more effectively

I am also providing the link for ‘Implementation Germline Testing for P Ca Philadelphia P Ca Consensus Conference 2019’ by Veda N. Giri, Michael S Cookson, Leonard G Gomella et al (2020, JCO) for those who are interested in more detailed knowledge.

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  • Dr. Roy Chally
    Dr. Roy Chally
    07 Jan 2021 07:40:59 PM

     How many of us are seeing hereditary CA Prostate?. This protocol is relevant only in this condition. This is a rapidly changing field. Are our molecular labs provided with kits to do these tests ? 

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