Use of Apps in Urological Practice

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There are Innumerable Apps now available for various purposes and the Younger Generation are adept at using these.

I chanced to see this article in World J Urology on the ‘use of mobile Apps in Contemporary management of P Ca. As a novice with use of Internet and its various applications, most of what is mentioned in the article has gone over my head. (Article sent as PDF)

I am sure this is going to be the way of future and hence would appreciate the Young Turks of Uroacademy to explain how these Apps are going to be beneficial for our daily use.

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  • BM Zeeshan Hameed
    BM Zeeshan Hameed
    30 Apr 2020 02:39:30 PM

    This Is a systemic review on various articles related to prostate cancer apps. The authors have done a  commendable job by selecting 13 high impact articles which are sub-divided depending on the studies: app development, readability, â€˜quality and accuracy’ of apps, app usage and risk calculators. On the basis of the app information and these studies they also focused on 44 influential applications for prostate cancer. 

     The various apps focus on topics such as lifestyle changes, information on prostate cancer including treatment options, PSA screening, symptomatol- ogy, diagnostics, statistics, research and prostate anatomy.
    Rotterdam was the best performer followed by CORAL and CPC for prostate cancer risk stratification.
    Interaktor and MyHealthAvatar (MHA) were helpful in decision making and consulting.
    They noticed that the existing apps are still in their infancy and needs further development. There are no guidelines regarding the functionality and uniformity of information. in many of these apps the information is not updated. In Europe, it is pertinent to have a CE certification for the clinical use of these apps. 
    There is also concern regarding the data protection. Most of the apps have not undergone scientific validation. 
    If all the above concerns are met, then an ideal app will surely be of help to the urologist and prostate cancer patients. 

  • Venugopal P
    Venugopal P
    30 Apr 2020 05:31:41 PM

    Dear All,

    What I needed for all of us to know is regarding the scope of such AAPs in our practice in India. The article points out as regards Apps available for P Ca. Will we be treating our patients in future based on what has been provided and/or available in various Apps? Will clinical medicine have a natural death as is clinical examination in most circumstances?

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  • BM Zeeshan Hameed
    BM Zeeshan Hameed
    30 Apr 2020 05:59:45 PM

    Dear Prof Venugopal sir,

    These apps may act as an adjunct to clinical practice, will not be able to replace a clinician. These apps may be a source for  quick response. Will help in documenting and sometimes can be used for follow up. 
    Nonetheless technology can never replace the good old clinical examination and case specific clinical decision making. 

  • Dr Vijayendra Kanwar
    Dr Vijayendra Kanwar
    08 May 2020 05:52:07 PM



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