Ureterocele? 18 year female- how to manage?

18 years female presented with history of recurrent febrile UTI with associated left flank pain of 6 months duration.

At present on AB.
S. Creatinine normal 
No incontinence. 
Attached is USG image. 
Please discuss how to manage case of this 18 years  female patient. 

Ureterocele? 18 year female- how to manage?Ureterocele? 18 year female- how to manage?


  • aditya gupta
    aditya gupta
    28 Jan 2021 12:10:12 PM

    this being a female patient i would advise ureteral reimplantation keeping future pregnancy in mind.. simple ureterocoele incision risks VUR . multiple punctures/ fenestrated VUR can be done but the size of ureterocoele and the gender slightly tilts this to surgical reconstruction.. however final decision of patient if she agrees to incision, regular followups and future surgery..

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