Regrowth of prostate after TURP

All of us know, after TURP prostate tissue can grow over period of years & there are reports of long term follow up showing recurrence of BPH post TURP. One of the points in favour of enucleation of prostate ( irrespective of method - HOLEP, bipolar enucleation or open suregy...etc) is less recurrence of BPH. However, do we assume that it is always incomplete resection which is responsible of growth of adenoma? or there are other factors responsible for that. BPH recurrences are documented even after enucleation. 

Following articles shows risk factors for prostatic regrowth after TURP. TNF-A, TGFB, age, S testosteron are responsible for re growth. 
Article is interesting to read. Comments are invited from all. Especially those who advocate HOLEP, bipolar enucleation.

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  • Dr. Roy Chally
    Dr. Roy Chally
    10 May 2020 02:15:08 PM

    We remove only the enlarged adenoma in all forms of surgery. The causes for the enlargement is not addressed. Regrowth occurs as long as the causes are not eliminated. The factors addressed in the paper could be some causes for BHP. 

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