This,30 years old male patient complain of  decrease urine output of 7days .

O/e bilateral pedal edem,sacral edema.
RFT done.. showing urea 130 ,creatine 18
Na  n K - !normal
1 PD done.creatine came down to 16
Usg showing rt upper ureteric stone with grade 1 him
Lft lower ureteric stone with grade 1hun
Plain CT film attached
Urgent b/l dj stenting done..
But now at 6 hrs post op  patient is having having urine output of ?more then 3 liters...
Electrolytes normal
How to predict whether it's will go to pathological POD or not? How to manage pathological POD?how to manage POD?how to manage physiological POD?



  • Ravindra Sabnis
    Ravindra Sabnis
    04 Apr 2020 02:50:58 PM

    There is nothing like physiological or pathological diuresis. Every diuresis you have to keep watch. Measure output every 1 hr & replace it in next 1 hr. Nephrologist will decide whether to keep equal balance or make him -ve as per the amount of fluid retained. every 6 hrs S K if out put is too much. As you may have to replace potassium . If out put is not too much it can be done every 12 hrs. 

    Rest nothing. If CVP is put moniter CVP but if not put - forget it. 

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