Pathogenesis of ‘Urethral Pain Syndrome’ in Women

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In the past, especially when I was in training, we used to diagnose ‘Urethritis Syndrome in Women’ as a common condition. During my early part of my career at Manipal, this was not an infrequent diagnosis. Urethritis Syndrome was considered complex condition with Urethral pathology but not recognized in some. Pain while voiding or even pain at rest along the urethra was the common presentation. In many, Urethral Meatal Narrowing with or without Urethral Caruncle was common accompaniments of this Urethritis Syndrome. As science advanced all these were clubbed into ‘Painful Bladder Syndrome’ and various options for treatments were recommended.

I am providing an article for your reading and understanding wherein New Pathogenesis of Urethral pain Syndrome has been studied. US both Transvaginally and Optical Coherence Tomography have been used to understand the Pathogenesis of this condition.

I am sure these evaluations at detecting Female Urethral Pain Syndrome will change our concepts as regards this condition and possibly help us in initiating better treatments for the same.

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  • Dr. Roy Chally
    Dr. Roy Chally
    30 Dec 2020 06:58:55 PM

    The two new imaging modalities of female urethra showed some changes in the mucosa and wall of urethra in female patients with urethral pain. This is  not clinically helpful since the aetiology is not established for these changes. 

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