Pandemic of Webinars

Dear All,

You would have noticed that the activities of Uroacademy appear to have slowed down.

With the arrival of COVID and its effect on the society at large, there has been considerable stoppage of clinical/operative work among the Urologists. This had one good effect in that it sparked enthusiasm in many to devote their time for education by conducting Webinars on various topics closer to their heart.

Even though there was an avalanche of Webinars, most were quite useful for all those who attended barring few which were for personal aggrandizement. But that is unavoidable.

Now that at many centres, Clinical and Operative work has restarted, how many of these stalwarts will find time for participating in such webinars organized by many which includes abundance of pharmaceuticals. The private Organizations conducted Webinars have dwarfed the efforts of USI. I have been noticing, and have made many efforts to attend as many webinars as possible but with 5 or 6 Webinars in a day and some clashing with time, make it impossible for anyone to partake all that is offered. I am not against these webinars in any way. But moderation need be exercised. There is a saying ‘even Amrith, if consumed in Excess, is a poison’.

With restarting of Clinical and operative work and the need to attend the backlog will necessarily bring down the number of Webinars and we will then have some equipoise in such activities.

We have discovered many young enthusiastic Teachers with all this pandemic of Webinars and their continued availability in the activities of Uroacademy is solicited. Many of the silent observers in Uroacademy are prolific presenters and their participation in this group will continue to benefit all of us Urologists in enhancing our knowledge.

With warm regards,





  • Nitesh Jain
    Nitesh Jain
    20 May 2020 08:13:49 PM

    sir, I salute your enthusiasm and zeal to attend the various webinar still... just love it 

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