Nutcracker Syndrome

What should be the treatment for nutcracker syndrome? Patient complains of hematuria.


  • Dr. Anil Takvani
    Dr. Anil Takvani
    07 Jan 2020 05:55:18 PM

    This issue is raised by Dr. Sahil Sheikh Thanks

  • Venugopal P
    Venugopal P
    08 Jan 2020 11:42:31 AM

    Dear All, Nut Cracker Syndrome (Left renal Vein Entrapment Syndrome) is not a common condition but many consider that this condition exists more frequently but is under diagnosed. I am providing 3 articles form which one can get almost all the informations needed as regards this condition. I hope they will be useful for Sahil Sheikh. What Each Clinical Anatomist Has to Know about Left Renal Vein Entrapment Syndrome (Nutcracker Syndrome): A Review of the Most Important Findings Krzysztof Orczyk, Micha? Polguj* et al, 2017, BioMed Research Int, Article ID 1746570 (PDF available) Nutcracker Syndrome: An Update on Current Diagnostic Criteria and Management Guidelines K Ananthan, AH Davies* et al, 2017, Eur J Vascular Endovascular Surgery, 53: 886 Nutcracker Syndrome combined with Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report Kyung Wook Min, Oh Kyung Lee* et al, 2018, Childhood Kidney Disease, 22 (2): 75 With warm regards, Venu

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