NCCN Localized and Metastatic P Ca Tt Considerations during COVID19 Pandemic

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We are in the COVID2019 era with many of work being curtailed as per the orders that only Emergencies need to be attended. But it is true that other diseases do not wait for COVID19 to pass away. As it stands, from the understandings that we have, is that COVID19 is likely to be with us for a while and we will be forced to take up routine Urological work sooner than later.

But during this pandemic time, there are many discussions as to which cancers can be accepted for treatments and how. These have become hot topics with varying opinions provided by many.

I am providing some materials that could be listened to or read for the benefit of how we should go about treating P Ca, localized and Metastatic, during this time and is said to be based on NCCN Guidelines v1 of 2020 published in March. I am providing the Links for these talks

Additionally, I am proving a link for ‘Management of Prostate Cancer during the COVID-19 Pandemic’.

Also the PDF format of ‘NCCN Guideline on P Ca v1, 2020

Hope these informations provided will of benefit for all of us

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  • Ravindra Sabnis
    Ravindra Sabnis
    23 Apr 2020 07:38:25 AM

    Presently, in covid-19 era, many people have expressed their opinion about what can be done & what should wait. These are only expert opinions. Obviously no one can have prospective studies, results. I do not know, how come many (EUA, BAUS, ...etc) have published them as guidelines. Does it not violate the norm of preparing guidelines. Why it is termed as guidelines. They could have termed as expert opinion. Which everyone knows what is it's level of evidence. 

    Majority of expert opinions of covid-19 are as per their convenience. If few people come together & they consider, 4+3 CAP can't wait - then that becomes guidelines & whole world take it as gospel truth
    I feel in current era, every urologists should consider the risk, benefit to pt & to himself & staff & decide to do surgery - be it elective or emergency. What is emergency / what is priority / what should wait, let it not be detected by someone's opinion, expert advise or so called guidelines. As such in present pandemic law if proper consent is taken & if any thing is done, it is considered to be done in good faith - will not have legal problems. 

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