LUTS in Children – How to make a Correct Diagnosis of Underlying Condition

Dear All,

LUTS in children can occur in several conditions from Non Neurogenic to Neurogenic. On many occasions we come to the conclusion based on Clinical History and examination. Will this provide with the underlying pathology accurately.

Will US evaluation of Bladder provide us with informations that can help us detect underlying Pathology?

When is Invasive VCUG required? Do we have to perform this in all situations of lUTS in children prior to embarking on the required treatment?

Do we need Detailed Urodynamic Evaluation for detection of underlying conditions causing LUTS in children? These are difficult to perform by those uninitiated in performing it and at times correct interpretation is difficult.

The link provided mentions about noninvasive US/EMG in evaluation of LUTS in children and suggests that this could help in detection of such problems with high accuracy. (PDF available)

How many of us practice this as a routine when evaluating LUTS in children to gain diagnostic accuracy. What is our policy in India on arriving at the underlying Pathology in Children with LUTS?

I am hopeful that many in our group with special interest in Paediatric Urology will respond and help us understand better.

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