Incidental renal cyst: how to proceed?

52 Yrs, non-diabetic male was found to have this cyst on regular health check-up.

No history of pain, fever, hematuria 
clinical examination: Normal.
How do we proceed?
What are the differential diagnosis?

Incidental renal cyst: how to proceed?Incidental renal cyst: how to proceed?Incidental renal cyst: how to proceed?


  • Pankaj N Maheshwari
    Pankaj N Maheshwari
    11 Feb 2021 09:24:00 PM

    Thin rim of non-enhancing irregular calcific wall in the mid-pole.

    The cyst has splayed the mid-pole calyces
    Opposite kidney, ureters and bladder: normal
    No cysts in liver or any other organ

    15 Feb 2021 01:40:19 AM

    Hello sir, 

    Incidentally detected asymptomatic renal mass in 52 yr with non enhancing calcified walls, with fairly homogenous hypodense content, would consider primarily an infectious cause, may be aspergillosis which is known to cause such appearance in other organs, though would still keep malignancy ar the back of my mind. Would like to proceed with image guided fnac and proceed depending on its report. 

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