3D Lap Retzius sparing and Sutureless radical prostatectomy was performed at our center and the patient is continent from the time the catheter was removed, Margins are friend the Onco Surgeon has a series of around 100 cases with very low incontinence rate.

I wish to invite constructive criticism.


  • Venugopal P
    Venugopal P
    04 Mar 2021 11:23:27 AM

    Dear all,

    I went through the video for which the link was provided by Sanjay. AIS Channel has several sections to offer. To watch Videos provided it would be better to register and that is free.

    The video and presenter mention that those with no access to Robot can still practice Retzius Sparing RP by conventional usage of Lap Instruments.

    What I m unable to understand is the mention by Sanjay is ‘Sutureless Radical Prostatectomy’. I the video sutures are being placed for Vesicourethral Anastomosis. What then is Sutureless Anastomosis? I would greatly appreciate if Sanjay could explain what he means by ‘sutureless’.

    Recently Ashutosh Tewari’s team has come out with a Modified Technique which he has called as ‘HOOD’ Technique. To get better continence, many techniques are being introduced.

    The most important aspect to consider is the ‘Membranous Urethral Length’ which can be assessed preoperatively and those with ‘longer’ Urethral length have been shown with better continence irrespective of the technique used.

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  • Dr Sanjay Balwant Kulkarni
    Dr Sanjay Balwant Kulkarni
    04 Mar 2021 05:21:05 PM

    Dear Venu Sir

    Nasser Simforoosh from Iran published series of more than 300 Lap radical prostates without inserting sutures. My friend Dr Puntambekar has a series of around 100 cases where it was sutureless and only catheter with mild traction for 2 days and catheter for 10-14 days was kept. We performed pericatheter RGU and it showed no leak. After catheter removal patient is completely continent and has normal flow.

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