Have Urologists handed over what is rightfully ours to others

Dear All,

As Urologists we are slowly but steadily becoming Technicians with all the thinking process of what we have to perform left to other specialties. On many occasions we follow what they instruct us giving much thought as whether we should obediently follow or exercise our understandings and thoughts. This is happening in many areas of Urology making us mere Technicians to follow out the instructions.

I can see the frown on many of our members faces but what is true cannot be ignored. We as Urologists have begun not to think but perform. All these are happening because our obsession with Endourological Procedures including Lap and Robotic which has made most of unaware of other areas in the field where Urologists can and must contribute in a big way but unfortunately it is not so.

Though we may all disagree, the fact the Renal Transplant has made us mere technicians performing the procedure at the instructions of our Nephrologists. Even Oncology will soon go this way as at many Multidisciplinary meetings, now considered needed and rightly so also, we Urologists are instructed as to what will have to be performed and carry the instructions without much questioning.

I am providing two articles addressing Electrolyte and Acid base disorders associated with CKD and in Renal Recipients. We should not only be able to perform the procedure but should have adequate knowledge regarding metabolic aspects of the disease and what we could face in these patients once transplant is preformed, some of them could be attributed to the drugs that we need to use.



Let us wake up and take back areas that were once ours but with our love for Endourology have handed them over to other specialties claiming Over Work. Of late some efforts are being made towards this but once handed over; it will be difficult to get them back.

I have placed my neck on the chopping block willing to be chopped

With warm regards




  • Rahul Kapoor
    Rahul Kapoor
    22 Mar 2020 08:04:40 PM

    Its very true... 
    And its not just a bystander or a technician. Some sub specialities are going away from our field ,like pediatric urology, little bit of uro onco surgery. 
    We have to update ourselves by opening microbiology, pharmacology etc
    I feel the love for sub speciality will bring back these field back to us and such groups will help.... 
    Another area is immunology... since the upsurge of targeted therapy. Their is a whole new classification which we to learn...
    Lets see what all concerned us and listen to everyone views ....... 

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