Female hypospadias--- Vaginal stone a complication

Article on Female Hypospadias

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  • Venugopal P
    Venugopal P
    11 Jan 2020 06:08:04 PM

    Dear all, We must be thankful to Amilal for providing us an article of his on Female Hypospadias. Though we discuss male Hypospadias extensively, very little attention is paid for Female Hypospadias. The article of Amilal discuss the various types of female Hypospadias quoting from AE Solov’ev (1993), HM Knight et al (1995) and IM Derevianko et al (2007) who have classified Female hypospadias. One of the types described by Derevianko is that it is a defect of Urogenital Sinus in females (ectopia of the external urethral opening in the urogenital sinus). In an article by Yogesh Kumar Sarin and Praveen Kumar (2019) mention that the high varieties of the so called Female Hypospadias is due to defective development of Urogenital Sinus and They mention that only low varieties should be called as Female Hypospadias and not high varities. I am providing the article for reading and understanding. http://www.jiaps.com/temp/JIndianAssocPediatrSurg242141-4274794_115227.pdf I am sure that by understanding Amilal’s article and that by Sarin we will definitely profit. With warm regards, Venu

  • Venugopal P
    Venugopal P
    12 Jan 2020 05:24:55 PM

    Dear All, The link I posted for the article on Female Hypospadias is not opening. Hence I am providing you the full article as PDF. Hope you will be able to view it. Venu

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