Cystic lesion at the tip of glans

In last 15 days I showed 2 cases of cystic lesion at tip of glans extending in one wall of meatus. 

At times,  according to parents it ruptures and discharge almost clear fluid. 
What is the diagnosis and how to manage?

Cystic lesion at the tip of glansCystic lesion at the tip of glansCystic lesion at the tip of glans


  • Dr. Anil Takvani
    Dr. Anil Takvani
    30 Jan 2021 10:28:14 PM

    These are the images of another patient.  No history of clear fluid discharge.  It is gradually increasing in size. 

    Please discuss the diagnosis and treatment. 

  • Dr. Anil Takvani
    Dr. Anil Takvani
    31 Jan 2021 11:16:33 AM

    Test comments 

  • Venugopal P
    Venugopal P
    31 Jan 2021 11:57:13 AM

    Dear All,

    Para meatal urethral cysts are very rare benign lesions usually seen in children but occasionally seen in Adults as well. They were first described by Thompson and Lantin in 1956. The cysts are usually small, about 1 cm in diameter. They occur on the lateral margin of the urethral meatus and, at times, can be bilateral. They may be congenital or they may appear spontaneously

    The pathogenesis of these cysts has not been exactly understood. Thompson and Lantin indicated that Para-meatal urethral cysts occurred in the process of delamination or separation of the foreskin from the glans penis, while Yoshida et al (1985) believed that they were caused by occlusions of paraurethral ducts. Hill et al (1977) suggested that these obstructions could be caused by infections.

    N Ichiyanagi et al (1998) suggested that the origin of para-meatal urethral cysts could be from accessory male sex glands in the penile urethra and has been demonstrated by prostatic-specific antigen in cells of these cysts with the help of immunohistochemistry.

    I am providing two articles, one as link and the other in PDF format which could help us to understand Para-meatal cysts better

    With warm Regards,



  • Douglas Canning
    Douglas Canning
    01 Feb 2021 07:59:40 PM

    I think these can be opened and marsupialized without problem.  No need to resect them.  They sometimes extend well into the glans

  • Dr. Anil Takvani
    Dr. Anil Takvani
    01 Feb 2021 08:40:55 PM

    Dr. Canning,  thanks for your valuable opinion. 

    Can we marsupialize this para meatal lesion?
    Second as you said if it's extending deep in glans, then?

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