COVID19 - What can we do to combat this?

Dear All,

We are all in the midst of a pandemic due to Corona Virus. The calamity it is causing needs no reemphasis. Every Government in all counties has laid down rigid steps to be followed. These stringent measures, so needed, are affecting the very daily life of Medical and Paramedical personal world over who have to cater for the needs medically and socially

The COVID 19 pandemic has led to the necessary postponement of much planned surgical activity with the cancellation of outpatient, diagnostic and operative work. These measures have been designed to 'flatten the curve' and delay the spread of Corona Virus whilst also freeing up capacity within hospitals for patients affected with the virus. This inevitable postponement of routine activity will create challenges to health care systems when normal business resumes and in many healthcare settings, which are often already resource constrained. This will impose an additional burden on patients whose diagnoses and treatment will be delayed.

Can a surgeon do anything differently? Can we introduce Remote Consultation for those who could miss either coming to the centre or who are likely to miss an appointment? Can we use Telephone, which is Ubiquitous, and guide our needy patients. Though it may be useful for some, we have to depend on what is being told to form an opinion which may not be the right one always. In a country like India can we have Videoconferencing with the patients who need to consult us? Even in the most progressive countries, this has been found difficult.

With our expanding group, many of us in various levels of practice would have developed our own way to overcome this situation. I am sure the time is ripe for us to have a discussion on this topic.

With COVID19 exhibiting its ravages on many, May god bless us all and may we not suffer the evils of COVID19. May all of us fight this and come out of this unscathed.

With warm regards,




  • Gyanendra Sharma
    Gyanendra Sharma
    20 Mar 2020 10:13:10 PM

    What sir has written is very true

    This is war
    We all should be mentally prepared to face the challenges of this war
    There will be difficulties but we all have the ability and courage to overcome them
    Victory will be of mankind and humanity

  • Ravindra Sabnis
    Ravindra Sabnis
    21 Mar 2020 06:26:43 PM

    I know some centers in US, consultants take rounds on Skype, Zoom. As such majority of patients are discharged early, many big surgeries are done in day care & hence consultants have to answer their query on phone,. Many hospitals have i pad given to patients & they talk to consultants. 

    We can start that practice. As such in majority patients, we do not have to actually examine the patients in post op period. We can believe residents on duty for that. Input/output can be sent on net. & consultant can talk to patient 
    We had lectures in semi live on zoom. It appeared as if Ralf Cleyman was delivering talk in hall & was answering all questions on the spot. 
    Why don't we start this. Till corona subsides 

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