Concealed Penis in Children Comparison 3 Surgical Techniques

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I am providing an article published in BMJ Urology (Latest Publication) on ‘Concealed Penis’.

I am sure this article will generate discussion on ‘concealed penis’ by our experts. I am not placing any comments as I am not experienced in dealing with concealed Penis. But a discussion on any other surgical management other than mentioned would be welcome

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  • Amilal Bhat
    Amilal Bhat
    14 Jan 2023 12:50:14 PM

    Dear all

    A well-written article comparing the results of three techniques for concealed penis. The authors had 150 cases in three years, the incidence seems to be high. Probably all children coming for circumcision are screened.   We don't get these cases so frequently.  The authors are lucky that they did not have superficial skin necrosis in the group of dartose excision. But there are chances of compromising the blood supply in cases of extensive resection of the dartose.   
    In my practice, I mobilise the dartos and then fix up the dartos both dorsally and ventrally at the root of the penis. Many parents do not want circumcision, in such cases excise a strip of outer preputial skin circumferentially and preserve the prepuce. 
    Amilal Bhat

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