Cognitive biopsy For Ca Prostate

With so many ways to do prostatic biopsy , Cognitive biopsy can simple and with good yield specially in Subcontinent setting  ...In biopsy and treatment naive men with suspected prostate cancer, Serum PSA levels <20 ng/mL, and equivocal DRE results, the addition of pre-biopsy mpMRI allowed us to detect greater numbers of people with csPC when compared with SB alone. Combining SB with mpMRI CTB data, gave a superior diagnosing ability when compared with either of the biopsy modality when used alone. There are not many studies from the low and middle income countries that analyze the impact of cognitively targeted biopsies using mpMRI data on the detection of clinically significant cancer while comparing against Standard biopsies, hence this analysis will help in initiating further studies and pave way for incorporating mpMRI CTB, till mpMRI fusion biopsy is more widely available

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