AUA Guidelines of 2020

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AUA has come out with 3 Guidelines for the year 2020 so far.

To understand the new guidelines, it is necessary to understand the previous guideline as well. Advanced Prostate Cancer – AUA/ASTRO/SUO Guideline 2020

William Lowerance. Michael Cookson et al, (PDF can be obtained for Algorithm as well)

Microhaematuria – AUA/SUFU Guideline 2020

Daniel Barocas et al (PDF can be obtained for Algorithm as well)

Disorders of Ejaculation – AUA/SMSNA Guideline 2020

Alan W Shindel et al (PDF format not yet available)

Though I believe that Guidelines developed by any of the organizations are representative only for that country but unfortunately it is being shoved down our throats for want of our own guidelines.

Though USI has formed committees for Development of Guidelines for India, without proper documentation available from across the country (for which many of us in the older generations are equally responsible), it will be unfortunately be only cut and paste of existing Guidelines. This is obvious when one hear the pundits in the field talk during the many Webinars organized by various groups, recently.

India is a diverse country with various Culture and Ethnicity and the disease patterns vary from region to region in this country. To develop a guideline to suit all these is well nigh impossible even with the best efforts. One must remember that once a guideline is developed, all may have to follow it as if a legal matter crops up adherence to such guideline or not will be considered paramount. It is not that we in India do not need our own Guidelines but it should encompass all aspects prevailing across the country and not a group preparing one from the comfort of their offices. India still being a poor nation socioeconomically, care should be taken to take cost of treatment also into consideration and the guidelines should be such that it could be practiced even in peripheral areas of the country and not exclusive to Academic and Corporate sectors alone.

Till such time we develop a guideline of our own, we may have to depend on the various Guidelines developed by others. Asian Guidelines are available for some conditions which may be similar for Orientals but here again It is not country specific and hence cannot be accepted in Toto. Asian Consensus is being published by NCCN for few cancers, notably Prostate Cancer, where in the difference in treatment patterns existing in Asia have been highlighted and how it differs from Guidelines developed by Caucasians are explained.

I wish the Indian Guideline developers under the aegis of USI the very best and hope their efforts will gain fruition, keeping in mind the diversity of the country in mind.

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  • Venugopal P
    Venugopal P
    14 Jul 2020 09:06:32 AM

    AUA 2020 Advanced P Ca Excerpts from Presentation

    Dear All,

    I am providing the excerpts from the presentation by William T Lowrance and Michael Cookson during the Virtual AUA Conference of AUA, 2020 on ‘Advanced Prostate Cancer – AUA Guideline 2020’. I have already provided the link for the same from which you can obtain the Unabridged Version of PDF and algorithm for the same.

    This presentation will provide the highlights of the Guideline enabling us to note the important aspects. I am sure such a capsule will help us to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    With warm regards,



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