Acute scrotum

Posting image of scrotum. 

18 year patient presented with history of right scrotal swelling of 24 hours duration. 
He had pain in abdomen and vomiting for that he visited physician but his genitalia were not examined. 
What are the D/D...
If you are strongly suspecting torsion will you wait till Doppler study available or if Doppler is likely to take few hours you will proceed for exploration? 
Secondly what are the factors other than time responsible for testicular damages.  ..thanks  

Acute scrotum Acute scrotum


  • Charl Dempers
    Charl Dempers
    23 Jan 2020 01:33:43 PM

    DDx 1. Testis torsion or appendage 2. Inguinal hernia 3. Orchitis 4. Trauma with haematoma or rupture Clinical diagnosis, do not wait for doppler is high suspicion for torsion. Delays to exploration can lead to testis death and contralateral sympathetic orchidopathy.

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