A Visual Scale for Describing Gross Haematuria

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Interpretation of Gross haematuria is so varied in Clinical Practice. Currently most rely on non-standardized, descriptive terminology that often equates urine colour to fruits or other liquids (“cherry”, “pink lemonade”, or “watermelon”). Such descriptors are highly subjective, and frequently result in the transfer of incorrect information. The authors with the help of this system described are attempting to Standardise grading of Gross haematuria so that there will be a common way for description.

An often asked question for which an answer is not yet available is how much blood should be present in a voided urine sample to give the desired colour to the urine. This has not been answered adequately in this article.

I am sure this article still in pre-proof state will give us some additional information for describing gross haematuria (Excerpts from Article provided).

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  • Dr. Roy Chally
    Dr. Roy Chally
    21 Dec 2020 02:34:35 PM

    • This scale gives some objectivity in recording hematuria when the patient particularly is under observation. Why no light brown colour ( hematuria with acid urine)?

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